Health Monitoring Device

How to protect personal data?H

The act of stealing personal medical information is on the rise, despite the strict privacy laws created to protect it. Here are the various ways to protect your personal health data:

  • Know who you’re sharing your data to
  • Don’t over share medical information.
  • Review information shared to you by your doctor
  • Have a social security number.

Some companies are doing extra work to protect your data, click for more info and find out how you may protect your personal information.

Health monitoring devices for all your needs

Health monitoring is referred to as personal patient monitoring and this the process of using technology to monitor your health in non-clinical environments, such as the home, office etc. The personal health monitoring has the potential to improve quality of life of individuals when incorporated in the management of chronic diseases. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this mode of technology is increasingly popular among patient with several health related issues. Here are the following health monitoring device and their functions:

Pain relief device

The pain relief device help to relieve pain such as arthritis, sciatica or Carpal Tunnel pain with the use of the TechCare Massager. It stimulates nerve fibers through the combination of the Transcutaneous electrical nerve simulator and powered muscle simulator, it gives off a low voltage pulse to the skin, preventing the pain signal to your brain.

Air Pollution Monitor

With asthma or any allergies, be rest assured that the air pollution monitor got you covered.  This device can be used anytime, anywhere with great accuracy to quickly detect harmful gases present at the surrounding while its measures humidity and air temperature.

Brain Sensing Headband

This headband monitors the brain activity during meditation, process the information and transfers it to your smart device via Bluetooth. The headband is complete with 7 electronencephalography (EEG) sensors with a perfect design to assist you manage or bring to minimal your stress level and a unique tool that give a prompt feedback on the activities happening in your brain. The headband offers several motivational challenges and rewards in order to encourage you to make meditation a part of your routine.


This device is made by iHealth Lab Inc, the Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System a FDA approved glucometer that measures the glucose levels in the blood and then displays results on your smart device.

The device is accompanied with iHealth Smart-Gluco app which allows you to keep a track record of all your measurements and share them with your doctor.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

The wireless blood pressure monitor is an on the go blood pressure monitoring device that gives a prompt color-coded feedback with instant professional recommendations. It is also keeps a track of your previous measurements in order to share with your doctor.

Researchers have long tried to improve on the traditional arm cuff to measure high blood pressure, which causes heart attacks and strokes.

Recently, a group created a way to take blood pressure with a phone, using the same principle as the blood-pressure cuff, which varies pressure on the arm. The group used a modified smartphone case with two sensors, one that measured blood volume and one that measured applied pressure. They steadily pressed their fingertips on the case in order to get a reading. The read data was transmitted via Bluetooth to an app on a smart device, which calculated blood pressure and displayed the result to be stored.

Fitness Tracker Watch

This durable device is very effective and arguably the most handy and used monitoring device. It helps to count your steps, monitor your sleep, track your physical activities and record the amount of calories burned. The watch is stylish and very comfortable to wear anytime, anywhere. When connected with a smart device, it sends all information to the smart device.

Personal EKG

This health monitoring device allows you to track your heart health anytime, anywhere.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring System

This health monitoring device helps to monitor patient’s with cardiac arrhythmias and send the required data to a platform known as the service cloud. It is capable of monitoring and tracking ECG, respiratory rate, heart rate, and activity level. The cardiac monitoring system  can remotely monitor weight, blood pressure, glucose, or the peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2).

Smartphone Ultrasound Device

The smartphone ultrasound imaging device assist medical practitioners to diagnose patient in their remote areas. Although this device is not compatible with smartphones but runs on a windows mobile 6.5 which can be used to monitor pregnancy, scan for abdominal cardiac, peripheral vessels and so on.

Female Urinating Device

Using the public toilets which are unsanitized can increase the risk of having a serious health issue. Travelling ladies have a portable device that enables them urinate easily without removing clothes and can be done while standing.