Program – Monday 3 April 2017

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  Welcome / Opening Ceremony
0830 Welcome from the Congress Chair Professor Helen Keleher                                          
0840 Welcome from the WFPHA President Mr Michael Moore                                          
0850 Traditional Welcome to Country                                          
0905 Video Address Professor Dr Tabare Vazquez, Sr. Presidente de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay                                          
0910 Welcome from the Australian Government                                          
0920 Welcome from the Victorian Government                                          
0930 Welcome to the City of Melbourne                                          
0940 Bangarra Dance Theatre Performance                                          
1000-1030 Morning Tea
Session/theme Plenary 1 - Voices and Vision
1030-1100 Enemies of the people? - public health in the era of populist politics Professor Martin McKee                                          
1100-1130  A time for hope. Pursuing a vision of a fair, sustainable and healthy world Professor Sharon Friel                                          
1130-1200 Good Governance and Best practice Michelle DeShong                                          
1200-1230 Health is a political choice Dr Ilona Kickbusch                                          
1230-1330 Lunch
Session WLD1 WLD2 WLD3 Oral Session 1 Oral Session 2 Oral Session 3 Oral Session 4 Oral Session 5 Oral Session 6 Oral Session 7 Oral Session 8 Oral Session 9 Oral Session 10  Oral Session 11 Oral Session 12 Oral Session 13 Panel 1 Panel 2 Workshop 1 Panel 3 Workshop 2 Storytelling Session 1
Theme       Evidence in public health Sexual and reproductive health Indigenous and First Nations' health Media and social marketing Physical activity Communities and environments Vaccination and immunization Adolescent health Violence against women and children Financing of health /UHC Health promotion HIV Diabetes            
1330-1342 Politics, policies and processes: Advancing complex policy agendas - the case of the WHO commission on Social Determinants of Health The Global Stetegy for Women, Children and Adolescents and Sustainable development goals: Working together to improve health and equity HIV, hepatitis C and Hepatitis B elimination by 2030 - the importance of equity of accces to achieve these ambitious targets Cochrane Public Health: findings and lessons from our recently published reviewsRebecca Armstrong Access, equity and costs of induced abortion services in Australia Angela Taft Indigenous and tribal peoples' health (The Lancet-Lowitja Institute Global Collaboration): a population study Bridget Robson, Ian Anderson Evaluation of the NSW make healthy normal mass media campaign James Kite Increasing the scale and reach of physical activity research: embedding policy from pilot to population Hayley Christian   Do Australian immunoglobulin products meet international measles antibody titre standards? Megan Young Evaluating an interactive theatre and drama-based program for sexual health promotion among multicultural youth Meagan Roberts Community-based, victim-centred restorative justice for sexual violence: A pilot Speaker Bebe Loff Exploring community perspectives on national health insurance policy in Ghana Addo- Owusu Ebenezer Up up and away with superhero foods - developing nutrition resources for school aged children Jennifer Tartaglia Public health and prevention discourse: examining the impact of HIV messaging on gay men's sexual subjectivities Mathew Numer Type 2 diabetes scales himalayas: burden in Hunzaland known for longevity Syed Shah Public health ethics: an introduction for practitioners, decision-makers and researchersStacey Carter Adapting and Scaling-up Diabetes Prevention Programs in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: An Example from India Emma Thomas  Closing the gap on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): the role of health literacy needs analysis and interventions in reaching hard-to-reach and unreached groups Richard Osborne  (Re)setting Research Agendas: The Role of Funders in Advancing Cutting-Edge Population and Public Health (PPH) Research Steven Hoffman  Tips & Tricks: How to Engage Vulnerable Young People in Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights Lara Gerrand  1330 - 1350
Standing strong together in roebourne: a framework for social and emotional wellbeing in Aboriginal communities Lesley Murray
1350 - 1410
On the other side of the health system Shirley Simmonds
1410 - 1430
Small grants program succeeds in engaging staff and promoting practice of healthy lifestyle behaviours in the workplace setting Kate Robertson, Dagmar Schmitt
1430 - 1450
Putting power in the spotlight: Empowering community members to lead a food security initiative Lisa Lorimer-Derham
1450 - 1510
Social and cultural resilience and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal mothers in prison in NSW and Western Australia Elizabeth Sullivan, Juanita Sherwood, Jocelyn Jones
1510 - 1530
Fighting for healthy eating at independent school in Melbourne Bhensri Naemiratch
1342-1354 The Principal Features of Sustaining Public Health ProgramsLinda Francis Facilitators and Barriers to Chlamydia Testing in General Practice Using a Theoretical Model: Systematic Review Lorraine McDonagh Sisters doing it for themselves: developing a safe and acceptable model for cervical cancer screening Elizabeth McLachlan, Sandy Anderson Towards best practice in mass media campaign design and evaluation: flowproof protocol and a case study of make healthy normal Bill Bellew, James Kite, Adrian Bauman Move more, sit less: key factors for successful physical activity advocacy. an australian case study Rohan Greenland What if health equity in all policies was applied before the flint water crisis Suzanne Selig How do we know communication is effective? identifying stakeholder-relevant outcomes to evaluate childhood vaccination communication Jessica Kaufman Parental rules about alcohol and adolescent risky drinking: a systematic review Sonia Sharmin Economic abuse between intimate partners in Australia: prevalence, health status, disability and financial stress Jozica Kutin Breaking the gridlock in the path towards universal health care: health system reforms in China Chaojie Liu Can religious leaders assist in creating awareness for smoking cessation? Muhammad Aziz Rahman Mixed use of synthetic drugs and heroin is linked with higher rates of HIV and HCV infections among Chinese drug users Shu Su Socio-demographic characteristics and lifestyle changes following a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes (T2D) Shanley Chong
1354-1406 The CREATE Critical Appraisal Tool: Establishing The Validity, Reliability And Feasibility Of A Tool To Appraise Research From Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander PerspectivesOdette Gibson, Kim Morey The Health and Wellbeing Impacts of Loneliness and Social Isolation Charles Waldegrave Getting nutrition on the agenda: views from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health policy stakeholders Jennifer Browne Mapping the celebrity marketing of branded food and beverage products in the united states Vivica Kraak Girls make your move - inspiring, energising and empowering young women to be more active Jennifer Taylor, Louise Wallensky Damning the rivers of grog in Australia's Northern Territory though effective supply reduction measures John Boffa, Dennis Gray The impact of alternative and complementary health approaches on childhood vaccination Jon Wardle The mental health of trans young people aged 14-25 years in Australia Penelope Strauss Protecting, or perpetuating social exclusion: women's voices on a new law for domestic violence Jihad Makhoul The Chinese new rural cooperative medical scheme in a remote ethnic minority village Ying Zhang India: client-oriented messaging and social accountability revives health sub-centers, reduces travel time and increases access Susan Otchere Migrant sexual health help-seeking and experiences of stigmatization and discrimination in Perth, Western Australia: exploring barriers and enablers Josephine Agu Increasing prevalence and impact of diabetes in Australia Pearl Ng
1406-1418 Translating genomic knowledge into public health practiceFaye Bowman mAdapt: Using mobile technology to meet Syrian refugees' most pressing reproductive health needs Rebeccah Bartlett Characteristics of Indigenous Primary Health Care Service Delivery Models Stephen Harfield Packaging the message well: a game based approach to reduce sugary drinks consumption in teenagers Carolyn Loton, Justine Gowland-Ella Efficacy of primary care physician referral for expert physical activity counseling: outcomes of the newcoach pragmatic randomised controlled trial Erica James Hospital admissions for chronic non-malignant lower respiratory tract diseases in Western Australian miners (1996-2013) Nita Sodhi-Berry Adults pneomococcal vaccine programmes and recommendations in Italy: a systematic update to 2016 Carlo Signorelli Adolescents' perspectives on food literacy and its impact on their dietary behaviours Rimante Ronto Physical, sexual and emotional violence against a marginalised female sub-population in Kumasi, Ghana Easmon Otupiri Health services utilisation in the public and private hospital sector for a privately insured cohort: which factors influence the health care setting? Jo Khoo Negotiating health and chronic illness in acculturated Filipino-Australians: implications for health promotion Della Maneze Australian HIV health providers' delivery of the 5AS of smoking cessation: a cross-sectional study Stephanie Bell Diabetes health care of Australias Grey Nomads Wendy Abigail
1418-1430 The VicHealth Scorecard - a framework for organisational planning and outcomes monitoringAnnemarie Wright Prevalence and risk factors for unwanted pregnancy in Tigray, Ethiopia Tesfay Gebregzabher Gebrehiwot Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Birth Registrations: Counting our babies Kalinda Griffiths Coverage of aboriginal and torres strait islander nutrition in major australian newspapers Jennifer Browne Benchmarking cycling and walking in New Zealand cities Marie Russell Building bicycle paths: evaluation of the impact of a new separated cycleway in inner-Sydney, Australia Melanie Crane Catching up with catch-up - policy analysis of immunisation for refugees and asylum seekers in Victoria Georgie Paxton Sun mum: effectively reaching youth with sun safety messages Alison Bock Preliminary results concerning the impact of violence against women on severe acute maternal morbidity Beatriz Paulina, Ayala Quintanilla Reforming financing for health in India Rachit Negi Changing the conversation: how history can contribute to building healthy communities Wendy Madsen Using online communities of practice to facilitate collaborative work in hiv and mobility Corie Gray Task-shifting for diabetes management in high-income countries: a systematic review Cassandra Vujovich-Dunn
1430-1442 Implementation of a research- practice partnership to develop and test research translation strategies for improving the health of populations Luke Wolfenden Embracing key cultural change agents in shifting perspectives and behaviours around reproductive health in Uganda Margaret Docking Engaging stakeholders in prioritising and addressing evidence-practice gaps in preventive care for Indigenous Australians Jodie Bailie Don't trust your taste buds - an evidence-based social media campaign about high salt consumption Roni Beauchamp Successfully stepping it out - reach, retention and characteristics of australia's largest free walking network Michelle Wilson What mix of urban design features encourages transport walking and helps deliver liveable sustainable cities? Lucy Gunn   Key risks for adolescent mental health following the nepal 2015 earthquakes Elizabeth Newnham Intimate partner violence in a rural local government area, Lagos, Nigeria Yetunde Kuyinu   Exploring the elusive relationship between wellbeing and health Fiona Sim   Walking away from diabetes: reducing risk of type 2 diabetes among women with a history of gestational diabetes Melissa Robinson
1442-1454 Evidence-informed planning for healthy urban environments: Policy frameworks and research translationMelanie Lowe Social Capital Transformation, Voluntarily Services and Mental Health During Times of Military Conflict in Ukraine Kateryna Karhina Mibbinbah's Be the Best You Can Be Program: Drawing on the Mad Bastards Feature Film and Safe Spaces for First Peoples' Health and Wellbeing Jack Bulman A quantitative analysis of the quality and content of health advice in popular australian magazines Amanda Wilson Active and healthy recovery: supporting individuals experiencing mental illness to engage in physical activity for health benefit and social connection Deena Seesaengnom, Helen Clifford Understanding risks from low-dose radiation John D Mathews Regional variation in HPV vaccine coverage in Australian adolescent boys and girls Lucas Mills Increasing energy expenditure during class lessons: the effect of height-adjustable desk in adolescents Ana Maria Contardo-Ayala Brazilian community health workers and their key role caring for women victims of domestic violence Marcos Signorelli Health contracting strategies: the case of Mexico s popular health insurance Luz Maria Gonzalez-Robledo Taking a multi-organisational approach to support healthy eating changes in schools and early childhood services Judy Slape The impact of outreach workers on prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV(PMTCT) services delivery and vertical transmission of HIV in Gujarat: an evaluation study Rajendra Gadhavi Age, age at diagnosis and diabetes duration in relation to vascular events in type 2 diabetes Natalie Nanayakkara
1454-1506 What Happens in the Knowledge Brokering Process? A Qualitative Study of Commissioning Rapid ReviewsGabriel Moore Evaluation of a Health Promotion Program to Improve Awareness of Factors that Affect Fertility Louise Johnson Pneumococcal Carriage And Social Contact Varies By Ethnicity In Fiji: A Cross-sectional Study Eleanor Neal What kind of message comes from YouTube videos on vaccinations? a content analysis Loredana Covolo Parkrun: exploring a community lifestyle intervention Justine Leavy The act asbestos health study Rosemary Korda Surveillance of uptake and safety of antenatal pertussis and influenza vaccination in Western Australia Donna B Mak Development of health promotion program based on social and emotional learning concept for reducing risky sexual behaviors in upper secondary school students Pongnatee Sattayathewa Sexual and family violence: overcoming barriers to service access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients Cathy O'Mullan, Kathy Prentice Demonstrating value in a rapidly changing health and social service funding environment Mia Bromley Analysing degrees of participation in health promotion activities in 27 deprived Danish communities Charlotte Demant Klinker HIV knowledge and use of health services among people from sub-saharan Africa and South East Asia living in WA Corie Gray Direct and indirect burden of disease due to diabetes and chronic kidney disease Wendy Ho
1506-1518 Frameworks for Translating Research Evidence into Policy and Practice: Are we still lost in translation?Andrew Milat Factors determining quality of care in family planning services in Africa: A systematic review of mixed evidence Gizachew Assefa Tessema Improving Access to Primary Care for Aboriginal Peoples Using Unannounced Standardised Patients Heike Schütze Addressing inadequate vegetable intake among young adults using social media and mobile gaming Monica Nour Daily step count predicts hospital care over 8 years of follow up in australian adults Ben Ewald Green space quantity and quality matters for child health: a longitudinal study Thomas Astell-Burt The Western Australian school based immunisation program database, 2010 to 2015 Donna Mak Risky drinking australian adolescents - event specific alcohol related harms to self and others Tina Lam Mapping for intervention: recent domestic violence against women in a developing country Abdulrazaq Gobir   Translating mental health promotion research into action: promoting 'news-worthy' evidence to encourage mentally healthy behaviour Julia Anwar McHenry Integrating faith and tradition into the care of people living with HIV: an experience of a local organization in Northern Ethiopia Miho Sato  
1518-1530   Providing early medical abortion by Telehealth in Australia: the first 1000 terminations of pregnancy Suzanne Belton   Down time between mass media campaigns: using facebook to fill in the gaps Emily Box Transport behaviours and obesity - can interventions to improve rates of walking and cycling play a role in obesity prevention? Vicki Brown Radiation safety practices among south african interventionalists: reflections on accessing a hard-to-reach' population André Rose   Advancing adolescent health through dedicated health clinics Rajni Wadhwa     Mental health promotion for the mentally ill: act-belong-commit in the community and the clinic Rob Donovan              
1530-1600 Afternoon Tea
Session WLD4 WLD5 WLD6 Panel 4 Oral Session 14 Oral Session 15 Oral Session 16 Oral Session 17 Oral Session 18 Oral Session 19 Oral Session 20 Oral Session 21 Oral Session 22 Oral Session 23 Oral Session 24 Oral Session 25 Panel 5 Panel 6 Workshop 3 Panel 7 Workshop 4 Workshop 5
Theme         Sexual and reproductive health Oral health Social determinants of health Obesity prevention Communities and environments Vaccination, immunization and vulnerable populations Adolescent health Prevention of violence against Women Maternal and perinatal health Diabetes Health systems Stengthening public health institutions and workforce            
1600-1612 Exploring systems approaches to chronic disease prevention Trade and investment treaties and public health policy space A global pandemic experience - cross sectoral lessons Revisiting Lifestyle Health Promotion - is it compatible with the Ottawa Charter? Ilona Kickbusch Engaging rural and regional communities in the provision of reproductive health services in Timor Leste Rosemary King Engaging rural communities in oral health: participatory methods for rural health care planning Virginia Dickson-Swift Measuring child disadvantage from a social determinants perspective Sharon Goldfeld Understanding obesity prevention policy decision-making: a case study of healthy together Victoria using political science and complex systems theory Brydie Clarke Legionnaires' disease cluster investigation in Sydney local health district Marianne Dowsett Antenatal Influenza and Pertussis vaccination uptake among Aboriginal mothers in Western Australia Kennia Lotter Young people and pornography: who watches it, how much do they watch, and what do they see? Megan Lim Testing a new model for generating equality and respect in a Victorian community Liz Murphy Implementation and evaluation of two community-based breastfeeding support interventions in Victoria, Australia Rhian Cramer Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes: global epidemiology and public health strategies Jessica Harding Prevention tracker: putting systems science to the test with local communities Nick Roberts Knowledge, attitude and barriers towards conducting research among students in a medical college, India Brogen Singh Akoijam Brexit: whatevr next? John Middleton  The political challenge of nutrition and new opportunities for strategic action Phillip Baker Perpetuating poverty or realising potential? Mavis Duncanson  Is there a role for an independent public service in a changing world? Jude Page, Don Nutbeam, Marie Coleman AO, Jim Hyde, Peter Sainsbury (Facilitator)  The What, Why And How Of 'Healthy Workplaces' And Links To Public Health Janice Reigen  Global Data to Better Understand How to Effectively Improve Population Health Jody Heymann 
1612-1624 Health systems evaluation: social network analysis for a regional sexual and reproductive health plan Elly Taylor Quality oral health economics research for healthy public policy development Hanny Calache The healthy and equitable eating (HE2) policy framework for addressing the social determinants of inequities in healthy eating Melanie Pescud The use of regulation and law for obesity prevention: a deliberative forum Rebecca Tooher Monitoring air pollution effects in children for supporting public health policy: the Mapec_life study Umberto Gelatti Ausvaxsafety: a new active vaccine safety surveillance system in Australia Kristine Macartney Prevalence and correlates of bullying perpetration and victimization among school going adolescents in Chandigarh, North India Monica Rana Developmental evaluation: harnessing results to build engagement: together for equality & respect a case study Sue Rosenhain, Belinda Crockett, Catherine D’Arcy Prelacteals and maintenance of exclusive breast feeding: learnings from a resource-poor state in India Sai Mala Guntur Dose-response relationship between increasing blood sugar level and caries occurrence in Indonesia Tince Jovina Improving referral system of maternal and new borne emergency services in Tangerang district, Indonesia Shirley Moningkey, H Sakkar, Sri Indriyani, Riyanto Windesi Time is running out: getting environmentally sustainable healthcare into undergraduate healthcare curricula Aditya Vyas
1624-1636 The health inequities of sexual and reproductive health Melissa Graham Assessing the barriers for improvement to oral health behaviour for adolescents in the Colac-Otway region Lara Mayze The influence of educational attainment on the association between social class at birth and multimorbidity in middle age in the aberdeen children of the 1950s birth cohort Marjorie Johnston Exploring the obesity prevention potential of early childhood education services: construction of a composite index Sarah Gerritsen Shigellosis - epidemiology and antibiotic resistance in New South Wales, Australia Simon Willcox Demand-side determinants of timely OPV3 immunization among children aged 6-11 months in Uttar Pradesh, India: Evidence from a Doers and Non-doers survey conducted in the catchment areas of CORE Group Polio Project (CGPP) Manojkumar Choudhary Peer-led education in high schools influences lifestyle behaviours in students Smita Shah Evaluating the short-term impact of a theatre-based program for bystander engagement and violence prevention Ann Taket Migration, ethnicity and the risk of stillbirth in Western Australia Maryam Mozooni Review of chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Ao Yu A logic model framework for planning, implementation and evaluation of Telehealth Alexandra Martiniuk Outreach to mitigate rural medical specialist workforce shortages Belinda O'Sullivan
1636-1648 Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) care experiences of women with disabilities- a research from a city of North India Ruchi Sharma A preventative approach to oral health for children in a regional/rural community in Victoria (Kinder-Wide Smiles) Stacey Law The word 'lifestyle' should be expunged from the public health lexicon Kypros Kypri It's your move: a systems approach to obesity prevention in ACT high schools Naomi Lee Environmental assessment of major transport infrastructure: where does health fit? Emily Riley Immunisation and children in out-of-home care: what do healthcare professionals really think? Katherine Thornton Causative factors for pregnancy status of adolescent girls in an urban local government area, Lagos Yetunde Kuyinu Community action to fight violence against women in Punjab: an approach to public health Manmeet Kaur Walking together: towards a collaborative model for maternal and newborn health care in pastoralist communities of Laikipia and Samburu, Kenya Michelle Kermode A systematic review of real-world diabetes prevention programs: learnings from the last 15 years Zahra Aziz Users' absenteeism in health services: an analysis of the health system dynamics Flavio Tristão, Bruna Barbosa The role of complementary practitioners in preconception care in australia: results from a nationally-representative study Amie Steel
1648-1700 Exploring reproductive ethnoanatomy and ethnophysiology through body mapping - perceptions of Timorese men and women Heather Julie Wallace Impact on quality of life related to oral health and interprofessional collaboration: a mixed-method study Juliana Faquim Improving local health promotion systems' capacities in addressing the social determinants of health: a French experiment Eric Breton Evaluation of a national knowledge translation and exchange platform for obesity prevention Rebecca Armstrong Increasing community engagement with fresh produce box initiatives in Victoria Australia Julia McCartan Evaluating the impact of the 'no jab, no pay' on immunisation rates in darebin Bhensri Naemiratch Sleep knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes of teenagers in two Australian schools - an exploratory study Bridie Scott-Parker Speaking out program: women's voices preventing violence against women Kate Gibson Inadequately translated and validated screening instruments limit ascertainment of mental disorders in resource-constrained countries Sumitra Devi Shrestha Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and diabetes incidence in Thai adults: results from an eight-year prospective study Keren Papier Taking action against discrimination: the health and wellbeing effects of using formal complaints processes to address discrimination Anna Ziersch Health workers' knowledge and management practices regarding Tuberculosis in Nigeria Clara Ejembi
1700-1712 Factors influencing repeated teenage pregnancy: a review and meta-analysis Joemer Maravilla The development of oral health training for primary health personnel David Walker Evaluation practice and use in Australian prevention agencies Joanna Schwarzman Mapping the role of policy in healthy together victoria (HTV): practice-based evidence of a systems thinking approach to obesity prevention initiative Brydie Clarke Australian hospital admission rates of sti-related-morbidity vary by geographical area and measures of socio-economic-disadvantage, 2009-2014 Jane Goller Knowledge and practice of switch - TOPV to BOPV among health care professionals in Manipur Vanlalduhsaki Ralte Inequality and growth in health-risk behaviours in adolescence: comparing the influence of family and youth-orientated indicators of social status Stephanie Plenty Engaging with workplaces for the prevention of violence against women: the take a stand program, a Victorian experience Marnie Jewell, Nathalie Davis-Lameloise Effectiveness of a NSW telephone based coaching program in reducing excessive gestational weight gain Nageen Ahmed The effect of an increasing burden of Diabetes Mellitus on Tuberculosis incidence and what the risk factor really means Roslyn Hickson Integrated community pharmacy screening to support general practice prevention goals Kevin Mc Namara Spatial distribution of the health workforce relative to the indigenous population Deanna Pagnini
1712-1724 What influences a woman's ability to access contraception in Timor-Leste? Heather Julie Wallace Overweight / obesity is a risk factor for periodontitis in young adults and adolescents: a systematic review Shahrukh Khan Do socioeconomic circumstances explain the association between disability acquisition and mental health? a causal mediation analysis Zoe Aitken Understanding the socio-demographic determinants of access to healthy food for obesity prevention in Samoa Penny Farrell Is access to social infrastructure in local communities associated with health and wellbeing? Melanie Davern Planning and partnership for new migrants/refugees health: how do australian primary health care organisations perform? Sara Javanparast Radio, a medium for providing comprehensive sexuality education to young people- the Momlikoo story, Ghana Edmund Agbeve Preventing violence against women in Australia through a regional strategy: insights from a five year evaluation Stephanie Rich Behavior of French perinatal health professionals and pregnant women linked to the environmental risks perceived Marie-Pierre Sauvant-Rochat Factors associated with poor Glycaemic control among old Australian patients with Type 2 Diabetes Ting Xia The importance of public performance reporting for the Australian healthcare system Sarah Jones Assessment of nurse mentoring in public facilities to improve delivery care behaviors, practices and skills Pramod Sah, Tanmay Mahapatra
1724-1736 Sexual activity and physical tenderness in older adults Rosanne Freak-Poli Dietary analysis and nutritional counselling for caries prevention in dental practice Melanie Hayes The role of social determinants as antenatal risk factors Sharon Goldfeld Customer perceptions and staff evaluation of a supermarket marketing intervention for obesity prevention Adrian Cameron Achieving healthy food environments: behavioural insights Kia Noble   Recommendations for parent interventions addressing adolescent alcohol use Robyn Johnston Working together with men to end violence against women Cuong La, Michael Flood Progression of midwifery services in Mexico: key resource for the provision of effective maternal health of vulnerable populations. Gustavo Nigenda Security of medical records Srinivasa Rao, Subramanya Rao Performing under pressure: a framework for understanding healthcare performance in diverse settings in Ecuador Alicia Zavala-Calahorrano
1736-1748   How can potentially preventable dental hospitalisations be prevented? John Rogers Regional public health planning for wellbeing and health equity - a case study from South Australia Toni Delany Healthier. happier. a new approach to obesity prevention Alison Bock Comparison of informative and non-informative priors in the bayesian multilevel logistic regression modelling of the association between rat infestation and leptospirosis seroprevalence among metro Manila residents Kim Cochon A realist evaluation of the formation of groups of people with disabilities in Northern India Nathan Grills Core of life - educating indigenous youth for a positive parenting future Tracy Smith, Deb Pattrick Regional action plans to prevent violence against women: women's health services leading collective impact approach Sue Rosenhain, Darlene Henning-Marshall Lessons from advanced community distribution of misoprostol in India Devina Bajpayee   The power of the food industry in Australian nutrition policy Katherine Cullerton What skills matter when working towards collaborative advantage? an examination of competencies required by practitioners Nerida Joss
1748-1800     Oral health knowledge and practice of Australian Paediatricians: a pilot study Virginia Dickson-Swift Chronic kidney disease and socio-economic status: a cross sectional study Rebecca Ritte Ychange - a case study of an Australian rural and remote community fighting obesity Jillian Whelan Locating non-users of available mosquito bednets for intervention in Nigeria Abdulrazaq Gobir Risk factors of Nasopharyngeal Pneumococcal carriage pre- and post-PCV10 introduction in Fiji: a cross-sectional study Eleanor Neal The impact of past childhood disadvantage and adolescent well-being on adult parenting behaviours Jude Sligo, Rob McGee       Building consensus and guiding action: a 'what if' tool for tackling wicked problems Nick Roberts, Vincy Li